What to do with curly hair on the second day?

What to do with curly hair on the second day?

So you created beautiful curls with your lovely Parlux hairdryer, applied a conditioning treatment and used a serum to control the frizz and had a great day out with fabulous hair.

Then you slept on it and woke up looking like you just walked out of a bush backwards.

This is the reason most curly haired girls hate their hair. Unlike Queensland, it’s beautiful one day and knotted the next.

What to do? Well, you can wash your hair and start all over again but if like me, you love a sleep in, relax a little while longer then grab some hair pins and just “twist & pin”!*

Start at the top and take sections of hair, twist and pin in place. Using your part as a guide to decide where to start sectioning, then take small sections and wrap them around your finger a put the bobby pin through the whole curl to secure it in place. I’ve left mine quite messy as I think it works better with the curls.
Have a play – hair is fun and it’s so easy to experiment. Would love to see your styles.
* I almost called this blog Twist and Pin as it’s my most common answer when people ask how I do my hair. I may make it my registered trademark..

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