What to do when your blow dry gets caught in the rain

What to do when your blow dry gets caught in the rain

Like Cinderella staying out after midnight, all the artifice breaks down when my blow dry senses a hint of moisture in the air.

Be it a humid summer day or a rainy winter morning, I have totally wasted my time doing my hair. No-one would know I had set my alarm early in order to wash and blow dry my hair as I arrive looking like I’ve slept in and run my fingers through my hair backwards.

And days like today are in between. A good umbrella or hat might get me there or I could drown on the way out.

So here are some of my tips for salvaging your hard work. Don’t just give up and settle for a middle of the road ponytail, a quick bathroom stop and you can transform.

Fuzzy ends? – Carry bobby pins.

With just one pin you can use a section of hair to tie a pony tail like this. Just one pin!! With more pins the possibilities increase exponentially.

Fuzzy fringe? – Try a braid.

French braid your hair around your hairline taking in sections at the front only to hide away that fringe. Finish it behind your ear for a neat finish. If you can’t braid your hair just part your hair and twist the front section along the hairline, using a couple of pins to keep it in place. Too easy.

All your hair is a mess?

Combine both techniques and you’re all set.

Looking like a drowned rat?

Scrape all your hair up into a high pony and pin it into a neat bun. Kind of like a genie knot. Simply irresistible.


Good luck out there in the rain and good luck for the Melbourne Cup. Any tips for the winner?

Would love to see your hair pics!

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