Valentine’s Day Romantic Hairstyles

Valentine’s Day Romantic Hairstyles

I don’t buy into all the Valentine’s Day hoo-ha. I think you should show your love all year round, not on a Hallmark holiday. Plus I hate going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. My husband and I have only been out to a restaurant once on Valentine’s years ago and it was awful. It was a great restaurant we’d been to before and loved but on V-day they had a reduced set menu which was awful and we spent the night laughing at all the awkward couples sitting around us trying to pick what stage of a relationship they were in. This year I caught him looking at one of our fave place’s Valentine’s menu and I told him not to bother.

Our tradition instead is to celebrate our “miniversary” every month. See, we got together on 15th September and so we do something nice together or get little gifts on the 15th of every month. So we’ll be enjoying a quiet restaurant with a full menu on Tuesday night!

Anyway, it’s all about the hair and that’s what I’m meant to be writing about.

Despite my dislike of Valentine’s Day, many of you will be going on dates and may need some hair inspiration. I’m splitting my advice into three categories:

  • first dates (god forbid on Valentine’s Day – are you crazy??), newly dating and still in the flush of love
  • in a relationship but starting to get in a rut
  • in a long term relationship or marriage but past the rut and happy


Touchable hair is important for date hairstyles. Go for something soft and approachable and hair that has lots of movement so you can flick it back and keep touching it all night long. It’s a great accessory for flirting.


You need to shake it up with your look and get out of your rut. Put some effort in and pump up the volume and sex appeal for a red hot Valentine’s Day


You need to remember the excitement of when you were first dating. When you looked forward to seeing each other and spending time together. I would go a bit nostalgic here and take inspiration from hairstyles you had at that time. If this was last decade that may not be a good idea, so here are some hairstyle ideas so you don’t go too retro.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day (if that’s your thing) and hope your hair looks gorgeous.

Do you have anything special planned? Or are you boycotting V-day?

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