Top it off with a turban

Top it off with a turban


I am so overdue for colour, and I think it’s putting me off writing about all things hair. I am timing my hair appointment for an event but it is making these last few days unbearably hard.
I have lots of ideas for hairstyles but I can’t bear to photography my hair in the state it is at the moment.
I have two secrets for (attempting) to hide regrowth:


  • Wear your hair out
  • Wear your hair in curls


When you pull your hair back your show more of your hairline and it darkens all of your hair. Wearing your hair out leaves the focus on your hair itself, not your hairline. The added root lift of the curls helps disguise your regrowth a little further.
This only goes so far, as my awesome friend once told me – it’s impossible to act inconspicuously. The act of trying to be inconspicuous makes you the most conspicuous person in the room.
It’s true.
So instead I have been thinking about ways to cover up my hair.
I have been wearing hats, headscarves and now I’m contemplating turbans.
Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and her contribution to turbans, a lovely reader also asked for some tips on how to wear this illustrious headgear.
The turban has regained popularity over the last year and was a mini trend, however it wasn’t really picked up as it is man-repelling.
For a fabulous how-to make your own turban click over to The Man Repeller.
If you’re not man-repelling, the way to make the turban more wearable is to have your hair flowing in loose waves, perfectly shown by Rachel Zoe.
Personally, I like the sleek, almost austere look of all your hair in a turban. It’s so classic. I will be wearing this on days when I don’t have time to wash my hair. On the weekend I can definitely see the turban with some high-waisted flares.
Where to buy your turban?
ASOS and River Island have some bargain turbans. Wig shops should also stock some styles. I’m shopping this week so will let you know what I buy.
Would you top your outfit off with a turban? What are your tips for dealing with overdue hair?

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