Three must have hair products for your gym bag

Three must have hair products for your gym bag

Continuing on my theme of exercise inspired glam hairstyles, I’m trying to remove all obstacles to me getting fit and fabulous this year.

OK, I totally fell off the health wagon last week but I’m determined to get back on. Here are my top three hair products to keep in your gym bag so you know you’ll always be prepared to create gorgeous hair after a workout.

This morning I went for my first session with my trainer of 2011 and boy did it hurt! I got cramps in my calves as I walked home and was almost limping! Not looking forward to tomorrow, second day pain is always worse for me. But I felt I had to take my own advice and get back on the exercise wagon.

Now I mainly exercise outdoors and then go home to shower but I used to go to a gym at lunchtimes at my last job.

As I only was on a lunch hour I often didn’t have time to wash my hair afterwards. I developed a little system that will get you back to work superfast (or going out afterwards) looking glam but without putting your back out carrying out your whole kit.

If my hair was curly that day –

  • Leave in Conditioner – Curly hair needs moisture. Even if you’re twisting and pinning it back you will appreciate the leave in conditioner when you take it out. I like a spray and at the moment use Matrix.
  • Curl revitaliser spray – Does exactly what it says. Man, I miss Redken’s In the Loop. It was the best curly hair product. I’m trying a new one from Joico at the moment, will let you know how it goes.
  • Serum or wax – Depending on how strong your curls are, either a serum or wax will help define them and cut through the frizz.
  • Can I add one more? If you have a permanent locker at your gym I would also suggest keeping a diffuser there. You can buy a spare one cheaply with a universal fitting so it can attach to any hairdryer. Carrying your hairdryer each time is too heavy, and I always used to leave it at the gym when I needed it at home! But with a diffuser even the crappy gym hairdryers will create gorgeous curls.

    If my hair was straight that day

  • Dry shampoo – I won’t harp on about this – see my dry shampoo reviews here and more dry shampoo tips here. Buy it.
  • Brush – It’s amazing what a brush does to your hair Not only will you need it to brush out any remaining dry shampoo but it will help create volume. Depending on how thick your hair is, go for a paddle brush or a vent brush.
  • Hairspray – Multi use indispensible product! Wont make your hair look greasy but will keep it looking sleek all day. I adore Evo Helmet hair spray.
  • Ok, and my cheeky extra one is of course your straightening irons. I have heard that Cloud 9 make a travel size which would be perfect…wish I had some!

    Ok, armed with this little kit you’ll be set to fit a workout into your lunch hour and still look fab. Ok, no excuses now. (That’s a reminder to me…)

    Totally random image but I love dachshunds and this is cute.

    Do you agree with my list? What is your must have hair product when you’re on the go?

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