The Dry Shampoo Revolution

I  can’t believe the number of dry shampoos on the market now. Although it has been around for over 30 years it seems brands are jumping on the bandwagon at the moment as most have a version of dry shampoo now.
Dry shampoos are a very useful hair product for those inbetween hair days or to extend a blow dry. You may already know about my interest in second day hair and how much I like a sleep in so this is my kind of product. Dry shampoos are supposed to absorb excess oil in your hair and give you an extra day before you need to wash it again. I don’t like to overwash my hair and I believe that shampoo often does more harm than good, especially for curly or dry hairtypes, so anything that will give you some more time out of your blow dry and save you a wash is a good thing in my view.
This week I will be trying the following dry shampoos and rating them. If you have tried any please leave a comment letting me know what you think.

If you have tried any other brands please leave a comment to tell me about your experience. Online I have read about Rene Furterer and Oscar Blandi but I can’t seem to get hold of them easily in Australia. If they are worth it let me know and I will buy them online.
I will be reporting my preliminary feedback this week but will also give them my special holiday roadtest as I am going away on an island getaway on Thursday. Stay tuned at the end of next week for my tips on hot holiday hair.

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