Sweet twist and pin variation

Sweet twist and pin variation
This is another of my favourite twist and pin updos. It’s deceptively simple to do and looks both sweet and stylish.
Like the French roll twist and pin, this is a great hairstyle for when you are don’t have time to dry your hair. You can easily do this style in wet hair and it will dry with a nice wave in the ends. You can even cheat by just blowdrying the top of your hair to keep it smooth. This hairstyle will hide the rest away in these sweet twists on the nape of the neck. This updo is also perfect for a second (or third!) day blowdry.
Hair product tips


  • Starting with wet hair? Run some Moroccan Oil through your hair from midlenths to your ends.
  • If your hair is a little dry you may want to use a serum to smooth down any flyaways.
  • A spritz of hairspray will make it last all day.


Step by step


  1. Part your hair on the side.
  2. Take a small section of hair at the left behind your ear and twist and pin on your neckline.
  3. Do the same twist and pin behind your right ear and pin on your neckline.
  4. Then separate the rest of your hair into equal sections and repeat, twisting into little buns and pinning on the nape of your neck.


Through many attempts I found that if you do the left and right first, it’s easier to keep a straight line. If you start at one side you tend to go up and it’s hard to keep the sections even. This hairstyle looks best if you have hair all one length or long layers. It will be hard to style with short layers unless you use a lot of product.
As always I recommend using good hair pins in the same colour as your hair.
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