Red carpet hairstyles I like (and some hair tips)

Red carpet hairstyles I like (and some hair tips)

Award ceremonies must be the most boring thing to watch. The only bit worth watching is the red carpet arrival. If anything remotely funny or controversial happens during the show someone will summarise it on you tube so don’t waste your time watching as it happens.

Red carpets are not as fun as they used to be as there are so many good stylists working hard in the background. You never get to see any actor’s real personality and style anymore, just the stylist’s. But hey, at least we now have lots of inspiration for event and wedding hairstyles.

So, in no particular order here are my picks for the best red carpet hairstyles and a few tips on how you can wear them to your next event. Or to the shops. Or at home. Or whatever you get up to.


Two looks – One night – Go J-Lo! love J-Lo’s sleek pony for the arrival and can’t get over her frou-frou dress and curls for the after party. Love it.

  • Hair tip – Note the sections in the pony (would love to see a pic of the back of her hair). Always wrap a section of your hair around to cover your hair band. It’s these little details that elevate the pony to a stylish hairstyle.


I love this classic wave hairstyle. I think this look looks sweet on Dianna Agron and the style is almost a little Blair Waldorf inspired, don’t you think?

  • Hair tip – Don’t underestimate the hair accessory. This is classic red carpet hair and would be a beautiful bridal hairstyle too. It’s also a great way to dress up your jeans or shorts. I love glam hair with a casual outfit.


Now this is the classic wave all sexed up. I love it. January Jones looks hot.

  • Hair tip – ditch your straightener and embrace your Parlux and round brush to create this style. You need lots of volume and lots of styling serum. You could do this at home if you’re confident with your hairdryer, otherwise I would head to the salon with this picture in hand.


Isn’t Emma Stone cute? I just watched ‘Easy A’ and it reminded me of ‘Mean Girls’ when Lindsay was still cute. I hope Emma stays on the up.

  • Hair tip – This is a much easier version of the French roll and combines my two favourite hairstyles – the Twist & Pin and the chignon. This classic look would also be a great job interview hair style.


I like this shot of Sarah Hyland’s hair from the side but think her fringe is too heavy in front. It swamps her face. I like the texture of her hair in this twist and pin style.


Lea Michelle and Nicole Kidman sporting slightly undone, piecey updo styles.

  • Hair tip – In the same way I like glam hair with a casual outfit, making your updo a bit messy works perfectly with a ballgown. These are three great examples. Don’t be too sleek, add some curl or leave some pieces loose for a more modern hairstyle.


Glad to see Renee Bargh, an Australian girl on the red carpet. Love the fishtail plait.


Hair tip – The secret to a perfect French roll is using a special foam tube roll to wrap your hair around that gives the style structure. Talk to your stylist or ask at your nearest hairdressing supply store.

I reckon Hilary has some hair extensions in there to give her a lift (just like the Oracle suggests for thin hair) and another winning updo from Natalie.

  • Hair tip – For more volume try clip in hair extensions. They are made from real hair and can be dyed and styled to match your own hair. They’re great to create a special look but don’t damage your hair like permanent extensions can. Ask your stylist but you can buy them online too.


Look who’s ready to be a star! Mila Kunis made amazing entrances at the Golden Globes and at the SAGs. Almost beehive styled French roll which is super chic and then those long waves. Perfect fits to each dress too. I wonder who’s styling her…They are definitely taking a whole awards season view and planning as many looks as possible.

Julia Stiles is not the first that comes to mind for style icons but I quite like her Golden Globes look and I love her dress to the SAGs.

Halle Berry is gorgeous as always. Great haircut.

  • Hair tip – nothing beats a great haircut. If you haven’t had your hair cut in over 3 months get yourself to the hairdresser immediately!! Trends are great for inspiration but go with what suits your face and bone structure. Find a stylist you trust and go for it.

On a side note, I do love Michelle Williams hair so much, the best pixie of the lot in my opinion (apart from Halle Berry) but I couldn’t include her as I hated her Golden Globes dress so much. It was awful. Here’s a pic in case you can’t recall. So blah. Such a shame.

My post has gone on longer than an actual awards ceremony. Hope you made it all the way to the end.

Who has your favourite red carpet hair so far?

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