My new favourite hairstyle

My new favourite hairstyle

I love this hairstyle. I know you will too. In fact, the first time I tried it, I wore it two days in a row – that’s how much I loved it. I got so many compliments on the first day and it was so easy to do that I did it again to go out on Friday. You’ve got to love a hairstyle that goes from day to night and will keep looking good for the whole time you’re out of the house. I tell you this is the one.

I call it The Reverse Ponytail. Don’t be getting any “topsy-tail” ideas, this is one hot hairstyle that completely leaves the quiff back in 2009.



Ok, so taking inspiration from this TV segment from Jayne Wild, hairstylist extraordinaire for GHD (thanks GHD, another reason to love you), I decided to try the “dishevelled ponytail”. Forever known here as The Reverse Ponytail.

I can’t claim inventing this one, as I did base it on Jayne Wild’s hairstyle, but I did do my own version of it and can testify that is so easy. They touted it as hot party hair (which it is) but it works as an everyday style and even for sweaty gym hair too! You know how much I love saving time and I can guarantee this quick hairstyle will get you swathes of compliments.

How to do the Reverse Ponytail:

  1. Blowdry your hair straight-ish. No need to be poker straight perfect and second (or third) day hair will be fine.
  2. Brush your hair up into a high pony on your crown and secure tightly with a hairband.
  3. Take a small section from the pony and wrap it around to hide your hairband and secure with a hairpin.
  4. Reverse your ponytail and pin it on top of your head. This is where the GHDs come in. Use them to create curls and waves in your hair. Otherwise, if you haven’t blowdried your hair straight you will already have some texture here you can play with to create interesting shapes.
  5. Catch all the fuzzies and flyaways with some hairspray. You can use a serum or shine spray on the pony top if you have dry hair, but depends on your hair as to whether you need it or not.
  6. Rock out.


This style is best for hair lengths from shoulder to brastrap and suits all hair types except for superfine or super curly hair.

I absolutely adore this hairstyle and will be sporting it all through summer. Not only is it a cool way to get your hair off your neck on hot days, it is so versatile and can look punk, retro or classic depending on how you wear it.

Give this a go, it is so easy. Would love to see a pic of how your hair turns out! Tweet me your pic or tag me in your pic on Facebook.

What’s your favourite summer hairstyle?

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