My Hair Idols – Denise Richards

My Hair Idols – Denise Richards

One of my longest standing hair idols is Denise Richards.

I know this may be embarrassing and it’s not a very cool idol but I think she has the most wonderful hair and it is definitely her best asset. And she knows it.

Her glorious long tresses have made me want long hair since I can remember. I always wanted to grow my hair long enough so I could have one of those mermaid moments, you know, when you swim topless and walk out of the sea and your hair hugs your breasts like a top.

Anyway, I have never watched Denise’s reality show, read her tweets, or seen all of her movies, but I just love her for her hair. That hair makes her a star. That’s why I think she’s smart enough to have never changed it. The consistency of it helps her to look like she did when she was 20, and the quality of her hair gives off the essence of youth. I’m not a huge fan of long hair on older women so not sure what Denise will do in the coming years, but for the moment she is still rocking that awesome hair.

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