My hair has the power to change the weather

My hair has the power to change the weather

Even Trump’s legendary helmet hair is susceptible to the weather

Do I style my hair according to the weather or does the weather change because of my hair?

With naturally frizzy hair, the weather is extremely important when planning a style that has to last all day. Humidity loves frizz and frizz comes out to play in a bad way. So, I regularly check the weather to plan when to blow dry my hair and how to style it.

Tell me then, how come when I check the weather and it’s supposed to be fine and then I blow dry my hair straight it rains?!

Several possibilities –

  • My beloved hairdryer is super powerful and may contribute to global warming and change weather patterns.
  • My hair has the power to change the weather.
  • I need to find a better weather report service.

So, if like me, you get a frizz attack what do you do? I recommend prevention rather than cure – start with a good conditioning treatment or use a leave in conditioner before drying your hair. Then a serum or finishing paste used on the ends will catch flyaways.

My other little trick is hairspray. Spray it across the top of your head (not straight down on your hair) so it hits all the fuzzy bits standing up and then smooth them down with your hand. It’s a sure fire way to lose the hair halo. Try it today. The weather in Sydney is partly cloudy with isolated showers in the morning and a top of 19 degrees and I promise not to blow dry my hair.

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