Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil

I’m a bit late to the Moroccan Oil party but I’m not leaving. I am now a convert.



Last week they had a cute little pop up salon at Bondi beach. They had a mobile salon offering free samples and a restyle after the beach. The salon may be heading to other locations soon so will keep you posted.

Do you have curly hair? Is your hair thick or coarse? Or both? Then you are going to love this product.

Moroccan Oil is actually made in Israel and is from oil extracted from the Argan tree. I guess Moroccan Oil sounded more glamourous. Good marketing. Anyway, this magic oil is combined with silicone and it is easily absorbed by your hair, makes it soft, smooth and manageable and cuts drying time.

You only need a very small amount (1 pump is about a 5c piece) and you apply to the ends of damp hair. Then dry or style as normal. I have found it so good on my hair that I haven’t needed other smoothing products that I normally use.

I want to try some of their other styling products too. They have just released a Curl Control Cream and I like the sound of it. Here’s their marketing blurb:

Moroccanoil® Curl Control Cream (300mL) is formulated for naturally curly and wavy hair with an advanced technology that offers unique conditioning and detangling properties.  It delivers exceptional movement to hair while enhancing natural curl and offers optimal hold. It also adds volume, control and shine as well as provides humidity resistance. In short, a no fuss all in one styling product which builds body and texture at the same time.

Big claims. Have you tried it? What’s your verdict?

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