More simple twist hair styles for you to try

More simple twist hair styles for you to try

These two hairstyles are perfect for when you are growing out a fringe or if know it won’t last if you try and straighten it for the whole event.

How to get Mandy’s look

Mandy’s style is super easy as you just twist the front sections from your part line and pin to the side of your head near your ears. Then just arrange your hair over the top so as to hide the pins and it’s super cute.

Time saver note: This is also a sneaky way to get away with greasy fringe for another day!

How to get Peaches’ look

Blow dry your hair straight. If using irons give it a little flick under at the bottom as this look needs some softness through the rest of the hair. Otherwise use a round brush to create some wave by blowdrying the ends under.

Part your hair to the left side. Pin back the hair on the left by taking a small section and pinning back just above your ear. Like Mandy’s do, arrange your hair over the top to hide the pins.

Take a section of hair on the right brush it forward. Now, holding the hair with your right hand, place your left index finger on top and wrap the hair back around your finger where you want the twist to be.

Slip a few hairpins in to secure it at the back and tuck the rest of the section underneath and hide it under the rest of your hair. You can just see the end of the hair that’s in the twist on Peaches’ photos so don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

You will need hairspray to keep this is place. Give it a light spray holding the hairspray about 25cm away from your hair. My favourite hairspray is Evo Helmet Hair.

Which is your favourite look and which one are you going to try this week? Now get twisting and let me know how you go!

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