Minty fresh hair – KMS Makeover Spray

Minty fresh hair – KMS Makeover Spray

If you’re a regular at Hair Romance, you know I’m all about second day hair and I love dry shampoo.

KMS Makeover spray is my kind of hair product. Similar to a dry shampoo, it will absorb extra oil from the roots, but KMS takes it a step further as Makeover Spray is also a texturizing, styling product.

It has a fab matte finish and really creates volume. If you have thin or fine hair you will love this. Or, if like me, you have thick hair and love even bigger hair, this is fab.

It contains peppermint and grape extract and will leave your hair smelling minty fresh. It’s a total pick me up for flat hair. Perfect for a restyle at the end of the day before heading out. Will also add lots of texture to your morning bed head.

How to get minty fresh hair

To get rid of oily roots – hold about 15cm away and spray directly onto hairline and part. Leave for a minute then brush through or work in with your fingers.

To add texture and restyle – lift sections and spray lightly onto roots and hair. Work through with your fingers to restyle and you’re ready to go

It is really easy to use but KMS have a cute video on their website that shows you exactly what to do. KMS is available from salons, check here for your local stockist.

Speaking of bed head hair, Kimmi at The Plastic Diaries has a great tutorial on how to get sexy bed head hair.

My real bed head hair cannot be described as sexy. Do you have any tips for bed head hair?

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