Michelle Williams and her lovely hairstyle

Michelle Williams and her lovely hairstyle

I felt bad for shaming Michelle Williams in my red carpet hairstyles post as I do so love her hair. She makes me want to cut my hair again.

I also saw this photo on the gorgeous Willow & Frank blog and she looks so adorable I had to post. This is a shot from Vogue by Yelena Yemchuck. I just love this photo.

Here are more shots of Michelle looking gorgeous

The thing I like most about Michelle’s hair as she has been working with the cut for a while, trying varying shades of blonde and different fringe lengths.

I particularly like the longer fringe. That’s the shot I would take to the hairdresser as inspiration. Except I have curls, and short hair can be tricky to manage with thick or curly hair.

Emma Watson has the same problem with her hair so she had keratin straightening done prior to the big chop so it would stay in control. Brilliant thinking.

Is the trend for pixie cuts making you want to go for the big chop too?

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