How to get arms like Michelle Obama

How to get arms like Michelle Obama

Remember how crazy everyone went for Michelle Obama’s arms? She looks fabulous in a sleeveless dress and you can too with my simple hair workout! Save time going to the gym and multitask the stylish way.

Straighten your hair the old fashioned way with a hairdryer and a round bristle brush! Not only will you have hair with more body and volume but you get to tone your arms at the same time.

Why you could even blow dry your hair with a brush first to add body and finish with your straightening iron to keep the poker straight finish. Double workout!

Free bonus!! Special styling trick to improve your hand-eye coordination!! Use your round bristle brush to create waves and flicks. Trust me, working this out in front of the mirror will definitely improve your hand-eye coordination as you work out the correct angle for the dryer in the mirror. I personally guarantee that your dexterity will improve as you negotiate which hand to hold the brush and which to hold the dryer.

Your hairdryer stores neatly away in a draw or under the bed and a good one will last you years and years.

Call The Follicle Oracle for a personalised one-on-one styling session where you can learn this amazing workout customised to your hair.

Don’t delay, call today!

Or you could just wear long sleeves 😉

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