Gwen Stefani – leading the field in the twist and pin stakes

Gwen Stefani – leading the field in the twist and pin stakes

It seems everybody is talking about twist and pin styles on the web!

I have professed my love for Gwen Stefani and her amazing hair before and now even she is in on the twisting and pinning.

She looks fabulous once again and still has no regrowth. God she has miracle hair. Gwen, please share your secrets!!! She must get her hair coloured every week.

Anyway, Gwen is rocking the sleek twist and pin as seen in my earlier post.

Sigh, girlcrush

Two ways to try this:

  • Style it wet and let it dry in place.
  • Blow dry and iron and then pin in place.


It almost looks like she has used a gel spray or something similar before starting to twist. I wouldn’t recommend this for long thick hair without professional assistance. Shoulder length hair is perfect and if you work carefully on each side from front to meet at the back you can pull this polished look off at home.

Product tips:

I would use a serum to begin with so you hair stick together better and stays smooth while you are styling it. Then finish with hairspray so it stays solid all night long.

Just another reason Gwen retains her place amongst the Hair Idols. Who else do you think belongs in the Hair Idol Hall of Fame?

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