GHOSTs – what do you think of grey hair?

GHOSTs – what do you think of grey hair?

Apparently almost a third of British women under 30 have started going grey and two-thirds blame it on stress, according to an article at the Daily Mail.

John Frieda have termed them GHOSTs – Grey Haired Over Stressed Twenty Somethings

How kind. Men are ‘silver foxes’ and women are ‘ghosts’.

This article struck a chord for me as I recently received an email from a reader who was concerned about grey hair and she was 26. My sister found grey hairs when she was a teenager so I know it can happen at any age. I really wouldn’t mind going grey early as I colour my hair and grey is the most subtle regrowth for blondes.

Sarah Harris is 31 and is featured in the story as she has left her hair naturally grey, or silver as she prefers to call it.

Read the full article at the Daily Mail here and let me know if you are a ‘GHOST’ or tell me about your thoughts on grey hair.

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