Extra tips for dry shampoo

Extra tips for dry shampoo

I previously posted some reviews for dry shampoo here but I’ve had a couple of questions about how to use it and some of you aren’t loving it.

Dry shampoo if great for straight hair with greasy roots and for creating extra body in fine hair. I use it when I’ve straightened my hair and want to get an extra day (or three) out of the style. It’s perfect for hairstyles after the gym if you’re running short on time.

Tip 1 – Only apply to your roots. Don’t spray onto your hair, just onto your hairline and part line. I sometimes also lift up my hair and spray on my scalp at the crown.

Tip 2 – Leave for a few minutes to absorb any oil on your scalp. Any white powder residue will start to disappear as it absorbs oil from your scalp.

Tip 3 – Then brush out any remaining residue. This will also help with volumising your hair.

Doubters, give it another try and let me know how you go.

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