Dry Shampoos – the reviews are in

Dry Shampoos – the reviews are in

Sorry for the long break in coming back to you with these reviews. I had a very relaxing and adventurous island holiday (I climbed an active volcano – amazing!) and when I came back I found my laptop was still on ‘island time’. I am quite impressed as I managed to fix it myself. Now, back to dry shampoo and whether you should be using it.

First off, I feel I should say that the name ‘dry shampoo’ is a bit misleading. These should be considered styling products as these aren’t technically shampoos and a more like a styling aid that reduces shine at the roots and adds texture. They are also better suited to straight or slightly wavy hair as they need to be brushed out, and curls and brushes should never be in the same room.

So, down to what you really want to know…which brand should get your money?

Well my two cents goes to the classic Klorane. It wins in the reducing root shine and a close second, maybe just because it’s almost summer here and I love the smell, is Batiste Tropical. Batiste adds some good texture to your hair and smells so fun.

Definitely avoid the Fudge as it stinks. The day I tried it I was walking it the city which can feel like you’re in a wind tunnel and I could still smell it. Awful.

The odd one in this bunch is the Tresemme as it is a foam. Almost like a cross between a mousse and a cleaning product, I bought this one as I thought it would be a good curly hair solution. Meh. It smells nice like shampoo but what’s the point? Curly hair is normally quite dry and after a few days’ wear starts to look a mess and you are more likely to wear it up than require a “dry shampoo”.

Best tip for using a dry shampoo is to spray from about 20cm away onto your hairline and part and then leave it for 2-5 minutes. Don’t freak if it looks white at first as it will reduce and then after 5 minutes brush out any residue. Be careful if wearing all black as you may need to brush it off your clothes. If you have really dark hair Batiste now offer a tinted brown or black spray and if using this, I wouldn’t be wearing white.

Maybe the cheapest solution is just to use talcum powder or bicarb of soda, as suggested by Jessica of Feed the People. Give it a go and tell me what you think!

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