DIY Colour

DIY Colour

I read today that seven out of ten Australian women colour their hair – three in salons, three at home and one goes both ways!

I have played with my hair colour since I was 14 and now I am a definite salon girl. Hair colour is a science and I am not going to tell you that you can get a similar result with a packet from the supermarket.

The Follicle Oracle can attest that he spent many a day fixing colour from bad home dye jobs. The classic is khaki hair – you try to go blonde but the result is a bit orange or not quite blonde enough, so you put another packet on…Ever notice that peroxide has a blue tinge? What does yellow + blue = ?? Khaki hair.

Do NOT try to become a blonde in your bathroom. Go to a trusted colourist.

Having said that, brunettes do have an easier time. I have used home hair colourants when I had brown hair and it wasn’t a bad result. I was only going a couple of shades darker though, so don’t be too ambitious. Home hair colourants are for maintaining your colour, not changing it dramatically.

Now, as long as you understand this and your expectations are clear, you can go to this blog for some tips.

Last tip, don’t try a new colour the day before a big event. Not only does hair take a day or two to settle with a big colour change, but if you don’t like it you may be able to fix it.

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