Coachella hairstyles

Coachella hairstyles
Coachella is the most stylish of all music festivals. Fact.
So if you’re looking for some hairspiration look no further.
My tips for festival hair

It’s a long, hot day at these shows so don’t fight your natural hair too much. If you’re straight you’ll be sad when your curls drop by mid afternoon and if you’re curly the frizz will be taking your focus from the scene.
Accessorise – go crazy with hats and headpieces but keep with the bohemian vibe, nothing that you would wear to the races.
Don’t overthink it – be relaxed, and go for messy over polished.
The photos fill me with festival envy as I would have loved to be there. What’s your favourite look from Coachella 2011? I adore Eliza Doolittle’s headpiece and I think I would wear my hair like Diane Kruger. Love her hat.

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