Cloud Nine TheO and my love of big hair

Cloud Nine TheO and my love of big hair

I love big hair.

Despite fighting my curls for so long, I have always loved big hair. I was poker straight for a while but I have since come back round to the idea that volume is a good thing. Plus, I have a theory that the bigger the hair, the smaller your hips look. It’s all about proportion, ladies.

So, if you’re not blessed with lots of hair, what do you do?

Meet TheO by Cloud Nine. It’s genius.

Ever since I heard about TheO, I have wanted to try it for myself. I have lots of hair but making it bouncy and shiny does not come naturally. I experienced TheO last Friday by the lovely Danae at Headcase Hair in Paddington and I am hooked.

What is TheO?

TheO is a heated Velcro roller system from the brilliant minds at Cloud Nine. Sounds simple but it’s a revolutionary hair idea. Basically they have cleverly redesigned the humble Velcro roller to heat up from the inside out using an induction heating system. Pop a roller in the pod and in 4 seconds it’s ready to roll and heats up in your hair, not in your hand.

Why is this such a good thing?

TheO is faster and easier than hot rollers. And it uses less power. It’s a triple threat.

There’s no burning your fingers as with hot rollers, and rushing to put them all in before they cool down. There’s no fiddling with clips and then having to apply heat as with traditional Velcro rollers. I have both hot rollers and Velcro rollers in a box gathering dust as they are fiddly and I never have the time to use them.

A bonus I noticed with TheO was that it imparts more shine to my hair than I expected from rollers.

The lovely Danae at Headcase Hair
TheO in action
My big bouncy curls

How do I use it?

  1. Put a roller inside the pod and it heats up in 4 seconds. The rollers heat up from the inside out so you can handle them easily.
  2. Roll sections of hair around each roller, starting from the top of your head. Continue with the back and sides from the top down.
  3. Spray your hair with a medium weight hairspray and let the rollers cool down in your hair. This only takes about 10 minutes. You can tell when it’s done as there is a little dot at the side of the roller that turns red when it’s hot and back to black when it’s done.
  4. Remove the rollers, gently brush and style.

Why do I want it?

I love big hair.

I also love volume and movement in hair.

This is the styling accessory for me.

If you like the same things as me, you will love TheO.

But TheO is not just about big hair.

It’s for bouncy Victoria’s Secret hair, gorgeous Hollywood hair and it’s also perfect for rolling beach waves. Depending on the size of the roller you can get tight Mad Men curls, soft Marilyn Monroe waves, or Blake Lively big beachy waves.

TheO is all about volume and body in the hair. You can curl your hair with irons or wands but it won’t give you the same root lift and all over body unless you blow dry it really well before. And if you’re going to go to all that trouble, TheO is quicker, easier and smarter.

My husband loved this hair and I received a lot of compliments. Now, just to get TheO at home…

Have you tried TheO? What did you think? Do love big hair?

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