Blake Lively has red hair!

Blake Lively has red hair!
While we were enjoying a 5 day long weekend here in Australia, Blake Lively has made hair headlines.
Blake Lively has red hair.
Blake is one of my esteemed hair idols and I didn’t see this coming. She was the queen of blonde beachy hair but I like the red. Shame she’s standing next to that red wall as it’s hard to judge the colour from these photos.
Note the perfectly toned eyebrow – often forgotten when changing hair colour but key to your new look. You should either dye your eyebrows or update your eyebrow makeup to match your new hair colour.
Blake was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. Is she influencing you to reconsider red hair?
Rumours are already starting about if this is for a movie role and polls are springing up so I’m asking too – which do you prefer Blake the Blonde or the Redhead? And is this really red or just strawberry blonde??

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