Blake Lively – Hair Idol

Blake Lively – Hair Idol

After my fabulous friend’s revelation about her hair dysmorphia, I feel it’s time to include Blake Lively as a Hair Idol.

Plus, I am trying to grow my hair and yesterday’s post on Michelle Williams is making me reconsider so I need some long hair inspiration.

Not only did Blake Lively save my friend’s hair but she has been the driving force behind not one, but at least three major hair trends. Like SJP & her SATC stylists made curls, regrowth and flower corsages cool, Blake & the Gossip Girl crew have brought back braids and upstyles and beach waves in the city. Also, I just heard a rumour that Blake may be cast as Carrie in a SATC prequel movie, so worlds collide…

Perhaps this award should really go to Serena Van der Woodsen and the Gossip Girl stylists. Blake is blessed with stunning locks but her inspirational looks are the result of the great work by the Gossip Girl stylists.

Let’s see how her hair progresses in this rest of this season to see if she remains a hair idol. I’m a little disappointed with season 4 but her hair is a little more achievable for mere mortals now as they don’t seem to be using as many hair extensions (Season 4, ep 13 hair case in point). For the moment she is a constant inspiration.

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