All about the hair

For me, it’s all about the hair.

I have had many hair styles and colours, which I will share on this blog, and I LOVE having my hair cut. When my hair is done I feel fabulous. I owe this to the Follicle Oracle, Rohan Strachan. He will be providing expert opinion on all things hair, and some general gossip.

It seems odd at times to start this blog about my hair, but most days I am stopped an asked about my hair, so I have decided to reveal my secrets…

In my last job everyone would talk about my hair. Colleagues would visit my desk so they could see how my hair was that day. Then they would tell others to stop by and check it out. I started to develop a complex that everyone thought I was nothing more than a hairstyle. But there are worse things to be known for than fabulous hair.

Welcome to my Hair Romance.

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