What really happens backstage – Bec & Bridge at RAFW

What really happens backstage – Bec & Bridge at RAFW


The calm before the storm
10 minutes to runway

How many people does it take to make a model ready for the runway?


Seriously, I think I counted eight people working on one model in the final minutes before the Bec & Bridge show at RAFW this morning. This is just in the pre-backstage make-up area! Add to that the team for the clothes backstage and it is phenomenal.

I was very excited to be asked backstage to interview Clive Allwright, KMS Ambassador and hair director for the Bec & Bridge show. (side note: Clive owns Our Place Salon in Sydney and they have iPads for all their clients to use – how great is that!)

Clive says the hair for the Bec & Bridge show is very 70s inspired, centre parted and casually tucked behind the ear. It’s a cross between late 70s / early 80s feel with a glamorous bounce. He says ‘we want it to be floaty so there’s movement as they walk down the catwalk. Really sexy and really simple hair.’

I love this look and I’m so glad Clive says ‘It looks natural but takes a lot of work to make it look natural and finished for the show.’ It looks like effortless glamour but the work is all in the preparation.

How to get the look:

  • Spray KMS Root body lift at the roots & blowdry.
  • Use KMS Sea Salt spray to add some texture and blowdry for volume.
  • KMS Hot Press Spray protects the hair while you tong with a wide barrel curling iron.
  • Pin the curls in place to cool and set  (Read here for more about setting curls)
  • Brush out the curls with Mason & Pearson bristle brush. KMS Dry Wax aerosol adds some bulk to the wave.
  • Spray KMS anti-humidity Spray and comb through the top to catch fly-aways and add shine.
  • Finish with lots of medium weight hairspray to set.


How to wear the look off the runway

This is such a wearable look – great for second day hair as it already has texture. Then you just need to curl and brush out your hair for that relaxed 70s vibe.
Bec & Bridge have also collaborated with Akubra to feature some fabulous hats in gorgeous colours. Definitely on my to-buy list for spring. 

What do you think of the 70s inspired hair? What else would you like to see backstage from RAFW? 

All images by Hair Romance except last image supplied by KMS

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