Topsy Tail Glamour – Rachel Gilbert

Topsy Tail Glamour – Rachel Gilbert
I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes: the “Topsy Tail” that looks stylish!
Ivan Chircop from Christopher Hanna Platinum was the Hair Director at the Rachel Gilbert show. He wanted to create a bohemian look that would provide an edge to the glamorous Rachel Gilbert collection.
Ivan says “the look is neat at the front but loose and unstructured at the back. It has a bohemian 70s look, very soft.” He created a loose ponytail, topsy-tailed it, adding hair extensions underneath to add length. Ivan said the style is “very rough at the back but clean and smooth in front, nothing heavy or stiff in the hair, and is very unstructured.”
How to get the look
1.     Middle part the front of the hair, then gently back comb the hair and add volume with Goldwell StyleSign Jelly Boost bodifying spray gel and hold with Goldwell StyleFix Hair Lacquer medium hold hairspray to the sides of the hair.
2.     Take the back section from ear to ear in a ponytail, adding Goldwell StyleSign Structure Me to create body and movement to the hair.
3.     Topsy tail the pony inwards.
4.     Brush the top and sides and gather into another ponytail on top of the first one at the back. The side layers should be covering the ears to bob length. Topsy tail the second ponytail into the first ponytail. Tie these together into a long ponytail.
5.     Finish with a rope tie to cover the hair elastic of the ponytail.
6.     Goldwell’s Style Fix medium hold hairspray holds the front part of the hairstyle and Goldwell StyleSign Flat Marvel straightening balm creates a sleek finish to the style.
How to wear the look off the runway
This is perfect festival hair and it’s gorgeous on super long hair. A simple hairpiece added underneath will help those of us that are more follicly challenged. I love  unstructured hair paired with a gorgeous outfit. I saw several items from Rachel Gilbert that would go well in my wardrobe.
What do you think of the hair? Did you have a Topsy Tail? 

All images by Hair Romance

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