RAFW Backstage – Stolen Girlfriends Club

RAFW Backstage – Stolen Girlfriends Club
Stolen Girlfriends Club are a New Zealand label and they love exploring contrasts and juxtapositions in each collection.  Their ‘The Big Comedown’ collection is about falling in and out of love. Can you guess which is which?
They have a close relationship with Greg Murrell, owner of Ryder salon in Auckland, and he came over to direct the hair for the show. He describes the first look as ideal and utopian. He says “it’s well groomed and smooth and shows the beauty of new love.” The second half of the show reflects the deep, darker emotions when love ends with a bad breakup.
How to get the look
The light side
1.     Prep hair with KMS hairstay Style Boost, working through from roots to mid lengths.
2.     Blowdry for volume and smoothness with a round brush.
3.     Let your hair part naturally and pull into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
4.     Gently tease up the hair above the ponytail elastic to create some volume and shape.
5.     Loop a small section of hair around the ponytail to hide the elastic and pin underneath.
6.     Finish with a light mist of hairspray. Greg used KMS silksheen Gloss Spray all over for a shiny natural finish.
The dark side
1.     Take a loose triangular shaped section starting from the edge of the eyebrows on either side of the face to a point halfway between the crown and the top of the head.
2.     Pull this section of hair backwards and rotate it 180 degrees and then slightly push forward to achieve some twisted lift at the top front of the head.
3.     Then loop to form a small bun on top of the head leaving the end to trail at the back. Fix with bobby pins and add dramatic detail by wrapping metallic craft wire around the bun.
4.     Dampen all the hair lightly with a water spray.
5.     Mix equal quantities of KMS curlup Curling Balm and KMS hairstay Styling Gel together in a bowl and pain this on to the hair in a Balyage manner to create a shiny, glistening and wet texture. Lightly paint this on to the bun of top of the head. Distribute unevenly for extra texture.
How to wear the look off the runway
Hmmm, not sure I’ll be sporting wire knotted buns, I’m definitely feeling more love at the moment so the low ponytail suits me.
The makeup for this show was amazing, and was created by Terry Barber for MAC and really gave an impact from the runway. Take influences from these looks to create something less stagey. 

All images by Hair Romance

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