RAFW Backstage – Marnie Skillings

RAFW Backstage – Marnie Skillings
Shane Henning, Hairdresser of the Year 2010, was the hair director for the Marnie Skillings show at RAFW. I chatted with him about the inspiration for the show. He said “Marnie wanted a contrast of textures in the hair. We slicked the hair down at the back and tucked it into a pleat. It has an almost under-cut sleek finish. The front has a rawer, more organic textured feel.” Shane says he wanted the front “not to look too precious, to look a bit lived in.”
How to get the look

1.     Start by applying a mousse to damp hair for hold and support. Shane used Goldwell StyleSign Powerwhip.
2.     Section of the top of your hair with a low side parting, just below the “recession” area on either side of your head and continue creating a horseshoe shaped partline.
3.     Add some serious hold with Goldwell StyleSign Lagoom Jam and spread through the lower hair section.
4.     Now the underneath section needs to be slicked back and fastened into a tight twisted ponytail into the lower side of the nape area. Twist back the pony onto itself and tuck the ends under, this creates a type of undercut look with the hair tightly slicked and tucked away.
5.     Dry off the top section with a hairdryer, making sure the hair is completely dry.
6.     Take small 2” sections from the top, spray with Goldwell StyleSign Twist Around spray and roll up with medium sized hot rollers, or use a curling iron. Pin up curls to allow them to cool and they will keep their shape.
7.     Once curls have cooled, take out pins and gently brush into a soft wavey curl. Slightly backcomb to mess up the curl.
8.     Lightly pin up any longer curls. This can be personalised to your own style.
9.     Keep it all in place with hairspray, Shane used Goldwell Style Fix Hair Lacquer.
How to wear the look off the runway
Although the how-to is quite complicated, this is a gorgeous hairstyle that you can easily adapt to your own hair. I love the slicked back and think this would be gorgeous in summer, as it keeps your neck cool, but looks oh-so-cool in front.
A tip if your hair is really long, I saw the stylists braiding the back section into an s-braid as the model had so much hair there was no way to pin it back. Her hair was so thick and long and the finished look was stunning.
Have a play at trying this in your own way, it looks amazing and it’s definitely wearable.
What do you think of this style? What’s your favourite RAFW look?

All images by Hair Romance

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