Parlux 3800 – Best hairdryer ever

Parlux 3800 – Best hairdryer ever
My 10 year old Parlux 2800 vs New Parlux 3800

I didn’t think it was possible, but Parlux just got better.

For the uninitiated, there are two types of hairdryers in the world: Parlux, and the rest.
Parlux is an Italian brand of salon professional hairdryers that I believe are the best. The rest just blow lukewarm air towards your hair.
My beloved Parlux
I have spoken of my love for my Parlux before, and how amazed I am that my beloved hairdryer is still going strong 10 years after I bought it. Yes, you heard me, an electrical appliance still working one decade later!!  This is no fluke either. My mum and sister bought the same model about six months after me and theirs are still going strong.

It’s because Parlux are professional quality hairdryers. They are made to be used all day, every day in busy salons. The switches are designed to be flicked on and off hundreds of times per day so they last. I would marry my Parlux if I wasn’t already married.

But many things happen in a decade, and Parlux has brought out several new models. The Parlux 3500 was the first to cause my eye to wander. Its super compact size makes it perfect for the gym and travelling. However I still felt loyal to my 2800. It’s still good so I didn’t see why I would need to replace it, instead I worked out some hairstyles I could do after the gym.

I didn’t realise how much the technology had improved. I have been testing the lastest eco friendly, ionic and ceramic Parlux 3800. My verdict?  I LOVE it.
The sparkly new Parlux 3800
Why the Parlux 3800 is better than my Parlux 2800
(ie. Why should I replace something that is in perfect working order?)
  • It’s smaller
  • It’s available in more colours
  • It’s ozone friendly
  • All components and packaging are made from non toxic materials
  • It has a patented silencer so it’s quieter
  • The new ionic and ceramic technology produces even smoother, shinier hair
  • Hair can be dried up to 40% faster than other dryers, hence using less electricity
  • It makes my hair feel softer and noticeably less frizz

One thing that hasn’t changed from the 2800 to the 3800 is the brilliant cool shot button. I need to take a moment to explain how important this button is when blowdrying your hair.

I heard a great analogy recently that each hair is like a metal bar. You have to heat it to change its shape, but how it cools will determine the result. If you let it cool slowly it can warp, but if you cool it fast it will stay straight.

Are you with me? The same way we talked about curling hair here, even when straightening your hair, or blowdrying into waves, it’s how you cool it that sets the style. The cool shot button triggers a blast of cold air without changing any settings, allowing you to finish and set your style. 

I think I have put together a pretty good case as to why I should upgrade. If you’re still wondering, check out who as an added incentive are offering a free Argan Oil blowdry kit valued at $59.95 when you purchase either the Parlux 3500 or 3800.
Disclaimer: This product was loaned for testing by i-glamour, but I don’t think I can give it back! I am not sponsored by Parlux but would like to be. If you are from Parlux please get in touch!
All images by Hair Romance 

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