Nookie Beach at RAFW

Nookie Beach at RAFW
“Forget about your beauty pageants – this is wearable hair” says Marc Armstrong for KMS about the look he created for Nookie Beach at RAFW.
The inspiration for the show was to get the hair as raw as possible, “making it look in tune with the earth” says Marc. There was a tribal, nomadic feel to the Nookie Beach range and it translates perfectly into the hair direction. Marc wanted the hair to look “lived in, like she’s been living off the land”. 
The tribal feel continued into the makeup and included this incredible stencil body art.
And who is the stylist with the amazing dip dye hair? That’s Harlow, she’s an apprentice at RAW Anthony Nader. The whole salon team worked to create the look for Nookie Beach. 
Image: Elizabeth Giacco / beautydirectory
How to get the look
1. Apply KMS Curl Cream and KMS Sea Salt Spray to towel dried hair.
2. Dry hair with a diffuser, just using your hands.
3. Reapply Sea Salt Spray in the same way again.
4. Add a centre parting.
5. Finish with KMS Dry Wax Spray for definition.
How to wear the look of the runway
This is designed to look like you’ve come straight from the beach, so it’s even less work to create if you’ve really been swimming. Sea Salt Spray will add texture if your hair is fine and will help define any natural waves. Keep it in your beach bag all summer.
Sydney was FREEZING today. Looking at this beach hair is making me miss summer even more! Will you be rocking this hair in summer? What are your beach hair tips?
Top image courtesy KMS. All other images by Hair Romance

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