Hair Trends – How to get perfect waves

Hair Trends – How to get perfect waves

Soft waves and brushed out curls are one of the hottest trends I noticed at Hair Expo. Normally I say brushes + curls = disaster, and if you want defined curls this is true. However this soft 70s hair trend is changing my mind.

Moroccanoil had a big presence at Hair Expo with some great mini shows and a massive stand. Their International Artistic Director was there and what a cheeky chappy. Antonio Corral Calero is from Barcelona and has been with Moroccanoil since the beginning. He says he is passionate about women and hair and beauty and with that Spanish accent he is a total charmer.

I have been using Moroccanoil for a while now and I love it in my hair. Yes it contains silicones as well as the magic ingredient argan oil, but if you want stop your natural tendencies and to cut out the frizz it is fantastic.

Antonio was working it all expo creating amazing mermaid waves that had all the girls swooning.

Here’s how to get the look:

1. Have long hair. If not, fake it with hair extensions like the models did.

2. Make a side part and clip off a section at the top of your head

3. Brush the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Take small section from underneath and plait it. Wrap the plait around your hair and use lots of pins to secure it. Rather than a round ponytail, make a flat rectangular shape. This is easier in the model’s hair as the extensions create that shape there to wrap the plait around.

4. Take a wide barrel curling wand and start curling the top section then the ponytail. You could also use a conical wand and the larger the barrel the wider the waves will be.

5. Once the curls have cooled completely take a natural bristle brush and gently brush the curls into soft waves. Use your fingers to redefine some of the curls in the front section. See how Antonio backcombs the front section all forward, then back, then shapes the curls back in place to the side.

Curling tip:
Don’t brush the curls until they are cool. Brush when they are warm and they won’t hold their shape and it will be a mess.

Product tips:
Prep hair with Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream. You can also use a little to redefine some of the curls at the end. Finish with a medium hold hairspray.

This hair trend for soft 70s waves has me shopping for hairbrushes after years of abstaining. Do you brush your curls? What do you think of these waves? And how cute is Antonio?

All images by Hair Romance

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