Why won’t my hair grow past my shoulders? – Hair Romance reader question

Why won’t my hair grow past my shoulders? – Hair Romance reader question
Does this make my hair look longer?

Does your hair stop growing at a certain length? Do you find you can’t seem to grow your hair past a certain point no matter how hard you try?

Hair Romance reader Breanna felt this way and sent in her question:

I’ve searched the internet, read forums and message boards, and asked my hair stylist, but I still can’t seem to get a straight answer. Does hair stop growing at a certain length? My fine hair seems to grow a few inches past my shoulders before stopping. I’ve had extensions, but I’d like long hair that’s mine. I’ve used mane and tail, taken hair vitamins, done weekly olive oil treatments, had regular trims, you name it. So is it a lost cause, or is there hope yet?

Well Breanna, I have an answer but I’m not sure it’s what you want to hear.

Yes, hair does stop growing at a certain length. I spoke to a hairdresser, a scientist and a trichologist and the trichologist was the most helpful.

First up, I know you’re wondering, what’s a trichologist? Trichology is the paramedical study of the health of the hair and scalp.

So to further answer your question, hair growth is really quite individual as there are many factors that affect it.

Hair has a growth cycle of approx 24-48 months, and grows approx 1cm per month. So depending on the individual (and this depends on both genetic and environmental factors) your hair will grow to 24-48cm long before it falls out.

Some people have a longer hair growth cycle of up to 7-10 years and so they can grow their hair to crazy lengths.

This is the kind of crazy hair I mean. I do not recommend this look.

Your hair growth cycle is genetic, and so you can’t make your hair grow for a longer period of time. The only other way to get long hair is to make your hair grow faster during the 24-48 month growth cycle.

How to make your hair grow faster

Your hair growth is affected by your metabolism. So if you can speed up your metabolic rate you can make your hair grow faster. Your metabolism is set by both genetic and environmental factors. Changing your diet will have an impact on your hair. Eating a high protein diet with good levels of iron and zinc can make your hair grow faster. Silica supplements don’t make a significant difference, but making sure you are eating a diet high in iron and protein will help.

Also, to keep your long hair looking beautiful, be kind to your hair. There’s no point growing your hair super long if it looks awful and is in bad condition. If you want long hair it needs to be well looked after for a very long time.

If you want really long hair, maybe you should stop colouring your hair and keep heat styling to a minimum. By avoiding these environmental stresses on your hair, you give your hair the best chance to grow and look fabulous. Your hair will also love you back if you spoil it with a conditioning treatment once a week.

Have you noticed that your hair stops growing at a certain length? Have you ever noticed your hair growing faster?

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