What should you wear to the hairdresser?

What should you wear to the hairdresser?
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What do you wear to the hairdresser, especially on your first visit to a new salon?

When you go to a new hairdresser, you expect them to create a new look for you. But how well can your new stylist know you in a consultation that lasts only a few minutes?

Your hair should reflect your personality. Of course there are certain styles that suit different face shapes but I believe it’s also in how you wear it.

Hairdressers are visual people. When you sit in their chair you expect them to understand you, and your hair, in two minutes flat. What you wear can offer visual clues to your personality so your hairdresser can draw a fuller picture of you.

I don’t mean that you should dress up, but you should make an effort to wear something that you love and that you like to wear often. Your hairstylist will be influenced by your look and that will help them decide what hairstyle or hair colour will suit you best.

When your stylist asks what products you use, they’re not trying to sell you something new (well, not always), they’re trying to understand how much time and money you invest in your hair. If you’re a wash and go kind of girl, tell them! Don’t pretend you use a lot of products or you may end up with a haircut that’s too hard to manage at home.

The visual hints you give your new stylist with your clothes and makeup will help them quickly work out if you’re more traditional, or will go for something more cutting edge. Your colourist can see what colours you like to wear and can suggest complementary hair colours that suit you and your wardrobe.

Remember a hair colour change can also alter how your whole wardrobe looks on you so bear this in mind!

As a side note, while I recommend wearing something you love to the salon, don’t make it something irreplaceable as accidents can happen. You can get wet while having your hair washed or get colour on your clothes.

What do your clothes say about you? Have you ever had to change your wardrobe after changing your hair colour?

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