Wedding Makeup – Would you DIY?

Wedding Makeup – Would you DIY?
Image from cclarebear

When Kate Middleton did her own wedding makeup it got me thinking, would you do your own wedding makeup?

I had a makeup artist do my wedding makeup (who is also my best friend – I know, lucky!) so I had total faith in him to make me look good on my wedding day.

If you’re thinking about doing your own makeup or wondering how to find the right makeup artist please go read this fabulous wedding makeup post by cclearbear. It offers some great advice to all you brides.

I agree with Clare and my advice to brides is to get your skin looking its best which starts a few months before the wedding. I love DMK skincare and also recommend a Dermalogica facial. But remember, nothing beats a good nights sleep and a healthy diet for great skin (and hair).

Would you do your own wedding makeup?

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