Top Five Redheads

Top Five Redheads

Red is the new blonde, or so it seems this year in hair colouring trends.

Last night I saw Florence and the Machine in an intimate gig in Sydney and I was blown away. I think it was the most amazing performance I have ever seen and I was captivated by Florence. She seems so shy when she speaks but shines when she sings. Her voice is incredible. More amazing was tickets were only $45! Here’s a sneaky pic from my iphone.


Inspired by Florence’s gorgeous hair, here are my top five redheads.

1. Florence Welch

2. Christina Hendricks

3. Julianne Moore

4. Emma Stone

5. Deborah Ann Woll

It’s always controversial compiling lists so tell me, who have I left off the list? Who is your favourite redhead?


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