Short Cut Saturday – Street Style Hair

Short Cut Saturday – Street Style Hair

I’m still getting used to shooting street style photography. I love shooting people but I don’t stop people in the street to take their picture. Your response to my first street style hair post was so encouraging. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone but I’ve surprised myself as I really enjoy it.

When I saw this pink hair I had to stop.

You know who always has fun with their hair? Young hairdressers. They are always testing out new colours and techniques.

I stopped in the street to snap this gorgeous candy pink hair. Of course she was a hairdresser and took me into the salon to see her friend who had stunning violet hair.

One of the best things about having short hair is the ability to do drastic colour changes without major consequences. I mean, if you spend five or more years growing your hair, you’re hardly going to risk damaging it by bleaching and colouring it pastel shades just for fun? But with short hair, there’s no fear. You’ll have cut all that hair out in only a few months time and you could change colour again without worrying about the layering effects of all that previous colour in your hair.

I often hear, ‘I’m waiting for my hair to grow so I can do things with it’, but short hair is so versatile! If you don’t want to colour you hair, simply changing where you part your hair gives you such a different look, or use accessories. It’s all about having fun with your hair.

Do you think short hair is more versatile than long hair?

Images by Hair Romance

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