Sharon Blain’s Hair Romance

Sharon Blain’s Hair Romance
Sharon Blain styling and educating at Hair Expo

Goldwell Ambassador Sharon Blain of The Art of Hair is an icon of the Australian hair industry. She is an internationally recognised hairdresser and has won over 500 awards, including Educator of the Year 2011, and was inducted into the Hair Expo Hall of Fame in 2010.

Sharon is in demand for her education seminars and hair direction on international campaigns as well as running her two Sydney salons. Somehow in this hectic schedule she managed to fit in Project Runway Australia.

Do you watch Project Runway? I love the American series and the Australian Season Three has just started. This series has a new host in Megan Gale, Alex Perry is the new mentor and Goldwell have set up a full salon on site with Sharon at the helm.

Hair Romance caught up with Sharon to ask her all about the hair.

You’re so well known for you’re up styles, where do you find your inspiration?
I find my inspiration through keeping up to date with fashion and its movements through the internet watching what comes freshly off the runways, to fashion TV, international magazines and travelling extensively all over the world.

What are the new trends in up styles?
What I am seeing coming off the runways is the 60’s beehive making a strong resurgence as either smooth or textured, tight chignons on the nape with a long draped front, the gorgeous simple twisted bun on the nape or the crown. The ponytail in various positions on the head rough or smooth finished will be popular through out the coming season as well.

What was it like working on Project Runway?
I found Project Runway 2011 extremely exciting opportunity and incredibly challenging. You have to think fast and work even faster.

Can you let us in on any behind the scenes gossip from the show?
One of the things we can let you in on is that there are many time that the designers send out their outfits on the runway not completed or finished with a safety pin or two. I think I need to adopt the rules for professional reasons, “what happens at runway, stays at runway”.

How is directing the hair for Project Runway different to fashion shows?
When doing a Fashion show for designers such as Wayne cooper or Rachael Gilbert I am given a brief a few weeks in advance so I can put together my interpretation of their brief for the hair to complement the designs. With Runway I see the designers for about a minute and then have 45mins to create the look they want and I have no idea what the outfit is going to look like.

How do you see the relationship between fashion and hair?
I believe the relationship between fashion and hair is that you can’t have one with out the other. Hair is designed to compliment the total look without over powering it. I love seeing the trend projection as we move from one season to the next, keeping in touch is vital to keep hair aligning with the fashions seasonal trends.

Where did your ‘Hair Romance’ begin? Why did you choose hairdressing as a career and what do you love about it?
My “Hair Romance” began in Bathurst and I chose hairdressing as a career because I loved the relationship hairdressers had with their clients and I love people. I remember at 13 standing at the front of salons and watching the ins and outs of salon life and being drawn in by that hairdressing salon smell and back in my day that was the wafting of perm solution out the door, eh!!!!!
My love and passion hasn’t changed even 45 years later. Every day is like the first day of my career.

Sharon’s “After Dark” Collection

I simply love Sharon’s passion for hair.

Project Runway is on Mondays at 8.30pm on Arena in Australia. If you missed the first episode it’s being shown again at 7.30pm this Monday so you can catch up before episode two.

Definitely stay tuned for the finale. Sharon told me there will be 70 models and that she and her team will have only three hours to prep them all! Chaos! I can’t wait…

Do you watch Project Runway? How amazing is Sharon’s passion for her work? Do you love your job like Sharon does?

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