Quick tip for blowdrying your hair

Quick tip for blowdrying your hair

Need to blowdry your hair in a hurry?

Blowdry the front of your hair first!

Normally I would start by sectioning your hair and blowdrying your hair from underneath to top. HOWEVER – if you’re short on time this trick is a saviour.

That way, if your cab arrives and you have to leave at least the front of your hair looks good. You can just keep your back to the wall knowing you’re putting your best face forward.

I think this tip is also fabulous if you’re just developing your blowdry arms. If you are building up the strength to do a full salon blowdry on your own hair, don’t waste your best work on the underneath sections. By the time you get to the top you’ll be too tired to finish! Blowdry the front first and if you get tired it won’t matter if don’t finish the back.

What’s your tip for blowdrying your hair?

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