Nothing feels better than new hair

Nothing feels better than new hair

If you colour your hair, you know there’s no better feeling than new hair.

I love going to the salon and I absolutely love having my hair cut. It feels like a renewal, chopping off the old ends to make way for the new. I’m the same at home. I love cleaning things out and getting rid of useless junk, so then there’s space for something new.

It may come as a shock that I’m not a natural blonde (haha) although I once was. I had blonde hair as a child that turned into mousey brown as I became a teenager. Having a sister who was a hairdresser meant I didn’t stay one colour for long. I became the guinea pig for lots of fun cuts and colours, though there were also some terrible hair moments that took a very long time to grow out (and to forgive).

Despite those past awkward hair moments, I love getting my hair done. My new hair is courtesy of the fabulous Stevie of Stevie English Hair. I put my trust in Stevie again for this colour. I still love being lighter and just wanted a subtle variation so he added in some warm lowlights. Stevie is the colour master and you may have seen his recent work on Danimezza and Ish & Chi. If you want colour block or ombre hair he is your man. I love this look (and I’ve done it before) but as I’m still growing my hair I kept to my same colour palette.

Thanks to Stevie & James for my fabulous new hair. If you’re in Sydney I would give them a call as Stevie English Hair is a brilliant salon.

Do you love getting your hair done? Or does going to the salon fill you with fear? Are you nervous or scared of going to the hairdresser or do you look forward to it?

Images by Hair Romance.

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