My worst haircut ever

My worst haircut ever
Paper Bag Head by Kate Pugsley

When I think of my worst ever hair moments, I have a few to choose from. Surprisingly, getting a perm is not one of them, but I’ll leave that story for another day.

I am opening up the wounds to share two awful experiences today, as I couldn’t decide which was worse. I am sharing these in the hope that you can learn from my hair mistakes.

One of my most follicly challenging times occurred at the most sensitive and awkward times in a girl’s life – the cusp of puberty. I was in Year 6, just before I started high school. My long blonde hair was also going through a change of life too. Previously soft and wavy, it was starting to turn brown and develop kinky-curls.

I was devastated at the change in my hair. I had no idea how to style it. My sister was completing her hairdressing training and she decided the solution to my hair woes would be a new haircut.

Except she gave me a bob.

And a fringe.

Not wanting to blame my sister too much, as she is such an inspiration to me, but she was the cause of my first bad haircut. As I didn’t own a hairdryer, and had no idea what to do with my hair, my bob turned into a fuzzy triangle. I would share a photo but I think I destroyed them all.

I started high school with way too much gel in my hair as I tried to tame my curls.

Lessons to learn here:

  • Curly hair needs a curly haircut.
  • Trying to force curls into straight hairstyles (without any styling tools) will end in disaster. I’ve since had a bob that was one of my favourite haircuts of all time. It encouraged my curls and looked amazing.

The worst haircut I ever paid for

I was living in France as part of a school exchange and I had encountered a few language problems with the local hairdresser. I decided to go to London for the day, get my haircut, go shopping and see the sights.

I was so excited and felt pretty grown up. I researched where to go and thought Toni & Guy would be good and I made an appointment with a senior stylist at the Kensington salon.

The first mistake was mine, as I underestimated the time it took to get across London, so I was almost 10 minutes late for my appointment.

The attitude of the stylist was the next mistake. He seemed determined to make up lost time and hardly spoke to me. I felt embarrassed and didn’t speak up for myself at all. I felt naïve and small and I hated the rough haircut he gave me. But instead of saying anything I paid the huge bill and walked out completely in shock.

I ran into the nearest shop, picked up something to try on so I could hide in the changeroom and try to fix my hair. My hair was really short (like a puffy pixie cut) so there was nothing I could do to hide the bad haircut. I think I cried a little.

The worst part was I made a big deal of going to get a haircut from a stylist who understood English, but I still didn’t speak up or ask what he was doing. Again, I don’t think any photos of this hairstyle remain in existence.

Lessons to learn here: 

  • Be on time for your salon appointments.
  • Be honest about what you want with your stylist and speak up! If you don’t like the final result tell them. Good stylists don’t want you to leave unhappy, they will want to make you look and feel good.

These may not seem like huge events in the scheme of life, but this is a hair blog, and these are significant moments in my hair history. Hair is such a reflection of our personality and we hold a strong emotional connection to our hair.

What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?

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