My new hair

My new hair

In all the excitement of going away I forgot to share a photo of my latest hair cut and colour courtesy of the fabulous Stevie, the owner of Stevie English Hair in Glebe in Sydney. He’s always on Twitter and you can follow him @StevieEnglish.

I posted about Team English’s brilliant England Calling show at the GenNext Gala at Hair Expo which showcased the team’s talent recreating iconic British style icons.

One of the things I like about Stevie English Hair is their green approach to hair. They are a carbon neutral salon and use Original & Mineral colour which is ammonia free. Stevie was concerned about how light my hair was and the risk of further damage so gave me an incredible number of superfine foils to create this gorgeous shade.

I was having so much fun in salon I didn’t take any photos of my hair! I only remembered to snap this shot days later so my hair is a little fuzzy but I think it you can see the blow dry has held up pretty well!

The colour has really lasted and I am impressed with the formula of the Original & Mineral colour. Also as it’s a little darker than normal my regrowth is less noticeable. However I think it might be time to book another appointment very soon.

How often do you go to the salon? How long can you go between having your hair coloured before you live in hats? And what colour should I do next?

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