Moroccanoil corners the market on curls

Moroccanoil corners the market on curls

I have been a fan of Moroccanoil since the beginning of this year. I love how it smooths my dry, frizzy hair and cuts drying time in half. Moroccanoil have recently expanded their range of products and have curly girls in their sights.

Intense Curl Cream is formulated with anti-oxidants to enhance your natural curl and shine. I like the pump bottle and creamy texture. No crispy curls with this product, it’s very hydrating though I found it to have only medium hold in my hair.

Moroccanoil Curl Control Cream is an intensive conditioning cream for curls and wavy hair. It creates hold while still allowing for movement in the hair. I like the soft fragrance and long lasting finish in my hair. It helps my fragile curls to firm and there’s no crunch in your curls with this product either.

Tips for creating fabulous curls

The trick with creating great curls is to be careful with them when they are wet. I never towel dry, just flip my head over and gently squeeze the water out with my hand, using the towel just to press water from the ends of my hair.

Apply curl products when your hair is still quite wet and a little goes a long way. You can always apply more product later but once curls are crispy it’s difficult to make them soft again.

I almost always use a diffuser to dry my curls (unless I have half a day to sit at home waiting for them to dry!). Diffusers are your curl’s best friend, but only dry your hair about 80% dry. This will help stop frizz from overheating.

I have used Moroccanoil Light oil and Curl Control Cream to create these curls. Maybe it was the weather but I felt I still had a bit of frizz. I had to run some Frizzy Logic through to smooth the ends. This shot was taken in the afternoon without any product touch ups.

Do you have curly hair? What are your tips for great curls? What’s your favourite curl product?

All images by Hair Romance. Shots of me taken by the lovely Stacey.

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