Love your hair

Love your hair

This was my hair on Friday. it was a good hair day and I loved it. My hair is due for a colour retouch and so I decided to wear it curly (TIP: a great way to hide regrowth). When the colour is first done I find I normally wear it straight as it’s so predictable and easy to style. It’s also easier to work with when shooting hairstyles for Hair Romance. I’ve been straightening for a while and I forgot how much fun my curls are and how much I love them. Now, I don’t roll out of bed with my curls looking like this. My curls are quite fragile and unpredictable so I have to help them into shape. How I achieved these curls

  • Wash hair well with a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. I really believe sulphate free is the way to go for curly or dry hair, I use Original & Mineral Hydrate and Conquer.
  • Gently squeeze out water with your hands and gently towel dry. I never rub my hair with a towel as it breaks up my curls.
  • Apply Moroccanoil to my hair, concentrating on the midlengths to ends.
  • Apply a curl cream, this time I used Evo Liquid Rollers curl cream.
  • I also used a bit of Moroccanoil volumising curl mousse.
  • Blowdry to about 85% dry with a diffuser with my head upside down. It’s really important to keep your head upside down for this, or at least to the side so the curls can dry freely.
  • Flip you hair back and let it fall into your natural partline. I then twist any curls that aren’t that well formed and use the diffuser to dry my hairline to give a bit more lift at the front.
  • Let your hair settle and fall into shape as it dries completely. (This is when I do my makeup and finish getting ready)
  • Apply a serum and this time I used Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic. This tames all the frizz and shapes and defines my curls.
  • I also added a quick spritz of Evo Helmet hairspray underneath to keep the volume. I like this hairspray as it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave my hair crispy as it’s quite flexible.

That seems like a lot of steps but it only takes less than 30 minutes to do. I can do it in under 20 minutes if I’m in a hurry. My curls reminded me why I started Hair Romance. I hated my hair. I never knew how to style my hair and the curl always worked against me. Then one day The Follicle Oracle convinced me to cut my hair for the curl and it changed my life. It was a dream to style and looked amazing. He also took me to buy my first hairdryer (my beloved Parlux 2800) and more importantly, a diffuser. My hair isn’t always great, but now I understand my curls I love my hair. I’ve been thinking about what I can do with Hair Romance, and I have a new design that is almost done! Here’s a sneak peek at my new logo (which you may have already seen if you follow me on Twitter & What do you think? I have so many ideas and things I want to achieve with Hair Romance. My main goal is to help you to love your hair. I think when you love your hair it is so much easier and quicker to style, so you can sleep in for 10 more minutes and still feel fabulous! Do you love your hair? What do love about it? What don’t you love about your hair?

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