How to wake up with great hair

How to wake up with great hair

Want to wake up with great hair? Try this simple trick before you go to bed at night.

Hair Romance - How to wake up with great hair in the morning

I hope I haven’t misled you too much with the title of this post, because for this tip to work, you need to have pretty good hair before you go to sleep. I’m sorry if you thought I had an overnight hair miracle, or a group of fairies that magically come and do your hair while you sleep (though I wish I did!).

However I do have the easiest trick to keep your hair looking fabulous, and to make your blowdry last even longer.

Previously I shared my mum’s secret to waking up with good hair. She used to tie a silk scarf around her pillow, or you can buy a silk pillowslip to cover your pillow. Try it tonight and see if you wake up with smoother hair.

But if you toss and turn at night like I do, silk helps but won’t do all the work for you.

Last week I told you how much I love getting my hair blowdried at a salon and this way of tying your hair up at night will help you keep the volume and shape in your hair for longer.

Hair Romance - How to wake up with great hair

Gently twist your hair up and tie into a topknot or clip on the top of your head.

I bet you’re thinking, that’s too easy, it won’t work! Or, that’s uncomfortable, I won’t be able to sleep with my hair up!

It does work! Make sure you twist your hair loosely, you don’t want to put any kinks in your hair. Also tie or clip you hair right on the top of your head. That way even if you sleep on your side, or move around in your sleep like I do, your hair is out of the way.

You may even find it more comfortable to sleep with your hair up. I’m only noticing as my hair gets longer that it gets caught under my shoulders as I move on my pillow. Sleeping with it loosely clipped up on top of my head is really comfortable.

The best bit is your hair is full of body in the morning and has heaps of volume. It only takes a couple of minutes to brush into place and you’re ready to go!

Try it tonight and let me know if it works for you.

Do you have any tips for waking up with good hair?

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