How to tame fuzzy flyaways

How to tame fuzzy flyaways
My hair doesn’t stay this straight and smooth without help!


Do you suffer from the fuzzies? Do you get lots of fine flyaway hair creating that halo effect around your hair?

I do. Mine is a mix of new hair poking through, damaged hair from straightening irons and general humidity affected fuzziness from my curly hair. I usually notice it most when I go to the effort of straightening my hair, leave the house looking fab but in the hurried journey I arrive looking like I just fell out of bed.

So how do you tame flyaway hair?

I like to take a diversified approach and attack from all directions to defeat my wilful hair.

First – You have to target the source

  • Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type. Usually dry or coarse hair will suffer more from flyaways, so consider adding a weekly hair treatment to nurture your hair into a softer shape.

Second – Protect from heat damage

  • Repeat after me – I will never ever use a straightener without heat protectant products! Please always use a product designed to protect your hair from heat damage when using irons and when blowdrying your hair too.

Third – Smooth it into submission

  • Smooth your hair with a couple of drops of a gloss serum to smooth and add shine to your finished style.

My favourite styling trick

Spray hairspray onto your brush and then run it lightly through your hair. The hairspray will stick any flyaways down but it won’t give you a sticky finish.

But what do you do when you’re out all day and your hair starts to fuzz?

I have found the best product that you’ll want to keep in your handbag. I was sent the John Frieda Touch Up Flyaway Tamer for review and it has won a place in my handbag. It’s a light serum and you apply it with a mascara wand. I was intrigued when I saw it as I don’t know another product like it and I love how it works.

John Frieda Full Repair Flyaway Tamer – like mascara for your hair!

The mascara wand applicator only carries a small amount of product so it’s just right to catch those pesky flyaway hairs. Use it to touch up your part line and put those hairs back in place. I have also used this on my friend’s very fine hair to tidy up her hairline around her face. She has tonnes of superfine new hair growing on her hairline and this product smoothed them back.

This is perfect for on the go touch ups. The wand applicator means you don’t need to get your hands dirty so you can quickly fix your hair anywhere. This product is staying in my handbag.

Lightly touch up flyaways with the mascara wand applicator


Do you suffer from the dreaded fuzzies? What are your tricks for taming flyaway hair?

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