How to sit while having your hair cut

How to sit while having your hair cut


Part of Hair Romance’s Salon Advice series to help you love your hair and your hairdresser.

I know you’re thinking, I know how to sit in a chair. I sit down every day! It’s not that hard.

All true, but does how you sit affect your hair cut?

Hopefully you have a great hairdresser who compensates for how you sit, and you’ve never had a problem. But have you ever come home from the salon and thought, ‘is one side of my hair a little longer than the other?’

It could be because you weren’t sitting straight in your chair!

When you get your hair cut you’re sitting under a big cape and it’s hard to see if you’re sitting straight and level. A good hairdresser should check, but even they can be mistaken.

Tip 1: Don’t cross your legs

Sit with both feet on the ground, or on the footrest. This way you’re sitting as straight as possible.

Tip 2: Don’t read a magazine

Have you ever watched someone reading? Have you noticed how they often start to tilt their head? Before you know it you’ll be leaning and as it’s so subtle your stylist may not notice until they’ve cut! You’ll have plenty of time to read while you’re having your hair blowdried.

Tip 3: Relax

I am a terrible fidget. I always warn new hairdressers as I don’t really like to sit still. I’m always moving and I make it hard for my stylist. When I’m getting my haircut, I set my feet and then relax. That way I can stay still long enough for them to finish.

If you do one thing make sure you don’t cross your legs during your haircut. Trust me, your hairdresser will be happy and so will you when your hair isn’t crooked!

Do you have trouble sitting still? Have you ever had a crooked haircut?



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