How to find a good hairdresser – Kevin Murphy’s Salon Tactics

How to find a good hairdresser – Kevin Murphy’s Salon Tactics

Kevin Murphy shares some interesting opinions in how to find a good hairdresser in this interview by Natalie Reilly. My friend alerted me to this article that appeared in the Sunday paper in Sydney and is online here.

Paper cut salon by Chadou Yama

Here are Kevin Murphy’s salon tactics:

  • If you can book into a salon in less than a week, you should be concerned. Says hair stylist Kevin Murphy, “The best hairdressers are booked out for about a month or so in advance.”
  • The person who colours your hair should not be the person who cuts it. “I don’t even colour hair because I’m not an expert,” he says.
  • Choose a hairdresser who has similar hair to you. “Stylists with long hair understand long hair and won’t cut it, but short likes short and straight doesn’t always understand curly.”
  • Further, choose a stylist who looks a bit like you. “If they have their hair styled in the same way and have the same length or facial features, they are going to have the same aesthetic as you.”
  • If you can’t find one who looks like you, choose a man. “I don’t want to sound sexist, but … [men] either want the woman to look hot or, if they’re gay, they want to look like the woman.”
  • Consult. Consult. Consult. “Consult properly with [your stylist] before you have your hair done,” says Kevin. “If it’s obvious they’re not listening to you, pretend you have another place to be and leave!”
  • Bring a photo. It’s a little quaint but it still does the trick. “I know it sounds daggy, but bringing a photo of a celebrity or another person’s style to show what you want is actually a great idea.”

I agree with Kevin about the consultation being extremely important. You can set expectations for what you want, and your stylist can explain what can be achieved.

Hairdressers are visual people – bringing a photo is often helpful as it’s impossible to describe colour in words.

I feel his tips are aimed at high end city salons however, and may not be relevant to smaller, regional salons.

What do you think of Kevin Murphy’s salon tactics? How did you find your hairdresser? Do you think men cut women’s hair better?

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