How to: Colour Block Hair

How to: Colour Block Hair

A few of you asked about how to get the colour block hair look from yesterday. LC and the team at The Beauty Department have answered your calls with this how to. Like them, I recommend seeing a professional stylist to colour your hair but The Beauty Department have some tips on their site here.

Kathy corrected me on Twitter saying that this is technically “dip-dyed” hair. Then I remembered I saw this amazing hair at Hair Expo at the Original & Mineral mini catwalk at their stand. This fabulous bleach dip dye was created with ammonia-free lightener – amazing!


How to get temporary colour block hair

The gorgeous pink tips on the lovely Abbey Lee are not permanent! Her colour is temporary created just for this shoot. Chatting to Kathy, I think this was created using pigment and hairspray. You can create this yourself at home by using hairspray and colour pigment in light layers to build up the colour.

This is a great way to see if you like it before you dye it permanently. But beware, this will be a seriously messy process and be careful what you wear as the colour won’t last and may stain your clothes! I can’t help but think it would be worth it for a party though…

And speaking of pink hair and parties, I feel it’s time to share a piece of my hair history – here’s two shots my friend found in her archives of me at a party with my pink colour block hair!

Yes, I am wearing the front panel of a motorcycle. You can’t see in the pic but I am also wearing pink and white rollerskates. This was my permanent hair colour but I’m also wearing a fuzzy pink accessory over one ear. It’s such a perfect colour match I couldn’t remember if it was my hair or not!

Are you going to try this dip dye colour block hair? Would you like to see more of my hair history…?

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